Novel Stance offers original viewpoint articles covering current events, culture, philosophy and general debates on morality. It is designed to let writers convey a point of view without the 140 character limit—articles are as long as they need to be.

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Novel Stance takes a magazine-style approach; we have internal writers and an editor, but a lot of our content comes from guest authors. Novel Stance is a little different from other sites, and here are two reasons why:

  1. Concentration on good writing and research.
    Everyone has an opinion. Instead of encouraging flame wars, Novel Stance is a platform that allows writers to neatly convey and explain their viewpoint.
  2. Writers are paid for their content.
    Submit enough articles and you’ll start being paid per article published. We understand that premium content takes time to create and we believe that this should be rewarded. At least, this is the goal. We have to be honest, we are still a young site and we’re striving get to our goal!.

Our content comes from both our internal team and guest authors—anyone can submit an article.

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Why Novel Stance was created

People’s perception of morality can vary. Novel Stance articles will have bias, this is allowed and encouraged. Writers can produce articles on any topic that they are passionate about. This site came into fruition to provide a centralised place to share and host well written content.

It’s no lie that anyone can post their opinions online, but scattered blog posts and personal websites make it difficult to find a concrete argument or response. Novel Stance was created to give everyone a voice that can be read.

Novel Stance is not a SEO-driven news aggregator, but it does like nice writing and fluctuating views on ethics.