What is Novel Stance?

Welcome to Novel Stance, a new site dedicated to allowing individuals to speak their mind about current events, issues and morality.

What is Novel Stance?

Novel Stance concentrates primarily on Business, Politics and Culture. Although encompassing, these topics are not a limitation, other issues that have provoked thought can be written about as long as they are well researched and relevant. Learn more and see if you would like to write for us (if you’re not a writer, there are other ways you can help us along our way). Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

After slaving creating the site and missing several arbitrarily-set deadlines, we are very happy to announce that Novel Stance is now complete and open for everyone to enjoy. The future of the site is based on our lovely readers, we want to inspire with intellectual topics and motivate them enough to share their own views. Novel Stance is a centralised place for opinions to meet without getting lost in the flood that is the sea of ether, allowing for people’s opinions to be heard.

What you see on this date is effectively the first version of Novel Stance, updates and new features are just around the figurative corner. We did not want to have a simple blog interface, rather a more professional appearance. We want everyone who writes and reads Novel Stance to be proud of it! At these preliminary stages, we thank the early writers that gave their time and effort to create and convey their ideas in article form, helping the site along. With time, there will only be more content with more opinions, and we really look forward to this.

To lessen the expense of the reader, we will not go into painstaking detail of what the site entails, we think it is best for your to venture by yourself, explore and read. Enjoy Novel Stance!

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